Saturday, October 25, 2014

Aesthetic Realism Explains the Cause of Youth Violence!

It is heart-breaking that yet again there is a horrible and deadly shooting in one of our nation's schools.  How is it that the same young man, a freshman on the football team who was popular enough to be voted "Prince" of the Homecoming only recently, could soon after take the life of a schoolmate and injure others in a hail of bullets?  The philosophy of Aesthetic Realism, founded by the philosopher Eli Siegel, explains the cause of this and other recent instances of violence that we have been bombarded with in the news.  Read this important letter by Aesthetic Realism Consultant Jeffrey Carduner that appeared in the press after a previous deadly event.  He gives the cause of  violence and what people need to know so that it can end!   Read the letter here!