Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Opposition to Bullying: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

In the most recent issue of the international journl, The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, my colleague Zvia Ratz, formerly of Israel, tells of how, through her use of the Aesthetic Realism method, her students learned math with great success and also learned, through the subject, how to end bullying.

All across this country, there are state governments and local school systems that are scrambling to pass strong legislation to try to oppose bullying. New Jersey, my home state, just passed the strongest legislation in this country. You cannot mandate that one person respect another. A law cannot create in an individuals mind and heart, a way of seeing that truly respects and is just to another person. However, I saw for more than 30 years, in some of the toughest areas of New York City, that through the Aesthetic Realism method young people can learn AND become kinder, more truly aware of what other people deserve. The changes in my students, how their minds blossomed and their ethics came forth always moved me and made me proud to be able to stand in front of a classroom and call myself an educator. Read Zvia Ratz's paper and learn how this terrible and sometimes deadly cruelty among young people can finally end.