Saturday, December 01, 2018

Aesthetic Realism and the Art of the Flute: An Interview with Barbara Allen in Conversation with Edward Green, PhD

It is a pleasure to post a video of an important interview of Aesthetic Realism Consultant and flutist, Barbara Allen.  It was conducted by Edward Green, PhD who is also an Aesthetic Realism Associate, a composer and Professor at the Manhattan School of Music.  Like myself, they had the good fortune to have studied in classes with Eli Siegel and learned new things from him about the world, the art they care for, and their lives.

This interview was published in the Hellenic Journal of Music Education and Culture and shows with vividness why Miss Allen is personally and professionally grateful for her Aesthetic Realism education in the field of what beauty is in music, particularly in the art of playing of the flute.  I respect her expression tremendously and I'm glad to know her better through this interview and learn new things about the importance of Aesthetic Realism to music education.  Enjoy!