Saturday, May 14, 2016

Aesthetic Realism Lectures by Eli Siegel

I had the inestimable privilege of studying in Aesthetic Realism classes with Eli Siegel in the 1970's.  His scholarship was vast, as was his kindness.  He lectured on poetry, economics, art, history, education, literature, the lives of famous persons and those largely unknown yet whose lives he saw as a means of knowing the world and oneself!   And there was much more. Every lecture was a thrilling explanation of and justice to the human mind and self of every person.  I am pleased to provide a link to some of the great lectures by Mr. Siegel, especially pointing to three about education.  They are: "Aesthetic Realism and Learning," "Mind and Schools," and "Educational Method is Poetic."  In them, you will find the erudition and charm had by Mr. Siegel in understanding the hopes of every student and teacher.